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TODO Support In Sublime Text

One of the big things I was missing from Eclipse was TODO support in Sublime Text.

Now thanks to the awesome community of plugin authors this has been resolved. Check out SublimeTODO.

Extract TODO-type comments from open files and project folders

Installation is easy via Package Manager just look for ‘SublimeTODO’.

“TODO”, “FIXME” and “CHANGED” are supported out of the box (and you can add your own).

To view your todo’s hit CTRL+SHIFT+P (on Windows) and enter “TODO”. “Show TODOs in project and open files” will popup (you could also map this to a keyboard shortcut). Hit ENTER.

A new tab will popup with your TODOs:

+ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- +
| TODOS @ Tuesday 10 January 2012 20:20 |
| 1037 files scanned                    |
+ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- +

## NOTE (4)
1. dsp_foiaform.cfm:267  Strip out any delimiters (spaces, hyphens, etc.)
2. dsp_foiaform.cfm:336  The first argument after TARGETSTRING must be a string.
3. dsp_view.cfm:89 </span> #trim(PROSECUTION_DETAILS.DETAIL)#</td>
4. docket_security.cfm:262  ValueList function adds a decimal point. It is CF bug 53488,

## TODO (1)
1. cfping.cfm:0  This needs to be fixed --->

The only thing lacking is there is no easy way to go directly to your TODO though there is a ticket open on github to add this support.