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Ethervane Echo - Clipboard Manager

If you’ve come to one of my ’tools’ presentations one thing I talk about is using a clipboard manager.

I use a lot of software from Donation Coder, including Find and Run Robot and Screenshot Captor. Recently in their newsletter they mentioned a new clipboard manager called Ethervane Echo. Intrigued, I’ve been using it for the last week or so…

Ethervane Echo Clipboard Manager

For the longest time I’ve been a huge fan of Ditto.

The author of Ethervane Echo actually based his tool on Ditto but with some adjustments. What I really like about it is the addition of tabs. The tabs allow you to organize your clipboard somewhat.

With the search it’s easy to find previously used text, but occasionally I’ll have something I use over and over, and want to easily access. With Ethervane I can move that to the ‘sticky’ tab and it won’t get flushed out as the clipboard fills up. Or if I’ve recently copied something I can hit the “Last Hour” tab.

Everything in Ethervane is easily accessible via keyboard shortcuts, and it some easy to use maintenance tools to use to keep your clipboard data cleaned up.

The only downside is it is text only. No copying and pasting images, which I don’t find to be that much of a drawback.

If you are currently using Ditto or another clipboard manager I’d definitely check it out, and if you aren’t using a clipboard manager at all - what are you waiting for!