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cfObjective - Code Reviews

This will be my third time invited to speak at cfObjective and my second year presenting! (yeah, I know that doesn’t add up)

I’m excited to be presenting about code review.

In the past there were things the majority of developers didn’t do…

  1. Version control
  2. Unit / application testing

I think in the last few years the majority of people I’ve spoken to have adopted both of these. SVN/git and MXUnit have made these previously tedious chores almost enjoyable!

But if you mention code review most developers will either have no idea what you are talking about or shake their head in disgust while mumbling something about ‘waste of time’.

Code Review WTF

Code reviews have been shown to beat both unit and integration tests for finding bugs. So if you are already writing tests - why not do code reviews?

I believe that peer code reviews are the single biggest thing you can do to improve your code. ~Jeff Atwood, Coding Horror

In my preso I’ll cover all the pros and cons (the pros hopefully will outweigh the cons) and show you how you can easily get started with code reviews.

cfObjective is the best ColdFusion conference north of the Mason Dixon line :) and is three days of great speakers, great content and great networking.

The schedule has been posted, and registration is open. See you there!