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Coding Standards

Does your shop have a coding ‘standard’?

Steven Erat was asking on Twitter a few days ago for a link to the old ColdFusion MX Coding Guidelines and actually found a copy on the Wayback Machine.

While the old coding guidelines were a great reference, the last update was in 2005!

I mentioned to Steven that Luis maintains a great ColdFusion Standards & Best Practices document on the ColdBox wiki. Most people I mention this to are unaware this great resource is available.

Luis’ guide is a great resource to use ‘as is’ or as the start of your own standard. It covers quite a bit - here are just some examples:

  • Naming & Conventions
  • CFC Best Practices & Conventions
  • Variable Scoping
  • Application.cfc Best Pratices
  • Race Conditions
  • Do Not Abuse Pound Signs
  • Use Consistent Code Formatting

Hopefully you have a wiki or something on your team for documentation. Add a link or copy and paste it and modify to your needs.