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Google, Apple and GPS

I remember when Google came out with turn-by-turn directions on Android and everyone said that the stand alone GPS was doomed.

Several years later and Apple has finally come out with turn-by-turn for the iPhone and again people are talking about the death of portable GPS units.

Oh please.

I’ve had my Garmin 2610 for years. I spent a whopping $100 on a refurbished unit.

It’s been:

  • On three motorcycles, on countless miles across several states
  • Exposed to sun, rain, sleet and hail
  • Slid down Blue Ridge Parkway during my deer incident (it happily logged my sudden deceleration)

Now last time I checked my Android probably wouldn’t survive any of those. Not sure about the iPhone, if you want to try the deer impact test and let me know how it fairs myself and Apple would probably be interested in the results.

I think Garmen, Tom-Tom and others can rest easy with Apple’s recent announcement.

Now if someone were to make a hardened, shock & waterproof iPhone…