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New Clipboard Favorite - Clipboard Help and Spell

I like Clipboard utilities. If you’ve seen any of my Toolbox talks this is always the tool I get the most feedback about. People always tell me how much more productive they became when they started using a clipboard manager.

I’ve used many over the years:

All had pros and cons.

Until recently I had been using EthervaneEcho but development on it seems dead so I started looking for a replacement.

I use several of the Donation Coder utilities like Find And Run Robot and Screenshot Captor and noticed Mouser had a clipboard utility called Clipboard Help + Spell.

A weird name but I decided to try it out.

Initially I was turned off by the interface:


I can see my clipboard entries but it’s not the usual long list of cut items that I’m accustomed to. Turns out there are a lot of options in Clipboard Help+Spell and it takes some configuration to get things just right.

Digging through the menus I found the keyboard shortcut menu and noticed there were several views available. The one in the screenshot above and this one - which is more of what I was expecting.


So now I have two shortcuts:

  • CTRL+ALT+TAB gets me my usual quick clipboard which I can easily pull things out of (including ‘favorite’ clips).
  • CTRL+ATL+C is mapped to the first screenshot. Since Clipboard Help+Spell stores everything sometimes it may fall off the quick list. In this case you can easily search for it - nice!

Overall I’m very happy…

  • Keyboard friendly - everything in the main clipboard window can be accessed via the keyboard
  • Low resources
  • Handles images (some of the tools I mentioned above do not do images)
  • Very customizable

The few downsides?

  • I haven’t really used any of the spelling features in the tool. It also have some text formatting shortcuts I’ll probably never use.

It is free but Donation Coder encourages people to donate. They make some terrific software and if you make a donation you get a license available for all current and future Donation Coder applications which is pretty sweet.

Clipboard Help+Spell is for Windows but there are many clipboard options available for Linux and Mac as well. I have a short list available on my Github wiki.