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cf.Objective 2014 - Digging Into The Developer Toolbox

I’ve been invited back to speak at cf.Objective in May!

cf.Objective() bills itself as “The World’s Only Enterprise ColdFusion Conference” but much like NCDevCon they have expanded beyond ColdFusion and cover a wide range of topics. Checkout the sessions and you’ll see things like AngularJS, BDD, Node.js, MongoDB and many more non-CFML topics.

I’ll be re-visiting (and updating!) my Toolbox presentation that I gave a few years ago.

Every developer has their basic tools - a robust IDE, source control and a good bug tracker.

But what else is in your toolbox? In this presentation I’ll explore some additional tools and techniques that can increase your productivity and allow you to concentrate on developing great applications. At the end of this session you’ll type less, be more comfortable with the command line and thinking about how you can work smarter with your new tools. For this presentation I will be using Linux and Windows but the concepts are platform agnostic! This presentation is about the hammers and screwdrivers in your toolbox. We don’t care if they are Craftsman hammers or Stanley screwdrivers.​

On a related note Kitt Hodsden is also presenting on a similar subject with her Automate all the Front End Development Things! presentation. Kitt will be focusing more on development and will be covering things like Yeoman, Grunt, CSS frameworks and more!

Hopefully you can make it to both presentations! See you in May!