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Red Hat (then and now)

In the late 90’s I was in a bit of flux in my career making the change from a network administrator role to my start in web development and ColdFusion.

During this time I can also remember attending the Linux Expo at Duke. I didn’t attend the actual conference but do remember visiting the sponsor area and picking up a Gnome t-shirt, some cool stickers and a Red Hat CD.

Red Hat Sticker

I have an old file cabinet which is covered in stickers I’ve acquired over the years. Here is the Red Hat sticker I got at Linux Expo.

I had just started tinkering with Linux at this time. It was a bit ‘rough’ and coming from a Windows background I could not use it full time. But I remember experimenting with the server side components, setting up Apache, and every few months I’d download a new version or distro and watch the amazing progress being made with Linux.

Over the years I’ve also become much more interested in code automation, deployments and testing vs. hashing out more ColdFusion (I’ll post more on that in another post).

17 years after I attended that Linux Expo I’m excited to say that I’ll be joining Red Hat as a Senior Networking Engineer.